Contraception and Deception

This article ran at on March 6th, 2012

Contraception and Deception

 Progressives are demanding taxpayer funded contraception.  Obama says the church should genuflect to the state.  Activist and thirty-year old Sandra Fluke, with no husband in sight, says she needs over $3000 from taxpayers for contraception while she attends $23,000 per year Georgetown Law School, a Catholic Jesuit institution.  The strong delusion called liberalism maintains that pregnancy is the worst of all fates, taxpayer funded contraception is reproductive justice, with the end game aimed at easy and “free” abortion.  The moral clarity here among liberals is nonexistent.

Research clearly shows that the current “hook up” culture has a devastating effect on the marital prospects for females.  One researcher says it this way, “…women who were sexually active prior to marriage faced a considerably higher risk of marital disruption than women who were virgin brides.”  A study at the University of Chicago said it this way, “For both genders, we find that virgins have dramatically more stable first marriages.”

 Nancy Pelosi is spinning this conflict as a, “…War on Women.”  This is as silly as saying that rat poison increases intellectual capacity.

Democrats push taxpayer funded contraception as if it is the grandest panacea since the harnessing of electricity.  Astute thinkers know that this agenda is anything but grand.

 A good father, an honorable man, a father with moral character, fully attempts to deliver his daughter on her wedding day as a virgin to the groom.  This simple and grand idea, assuming she marries a good man, can save a young woman from a multitude of poison darts: STD’s, AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, the deep grief and loss that results from abortion, raising a child by herself, an increased chance of poverty, and the prospect of marital disruption.

 And the positives of this charmingly odd idea of a father getting his daughter to the altar as a virgin are manifold: she increases her odds of obtaining a good husband, she gives herself the best chance of a fulfilling marriage, there is a much better chance of financial stability, and each anniversary is a celebration of her wedding day that includes the pleasing memory that her first act of intimacy was with her husband on her wedding night.

 Such proper goals are not even on the map for liberal democratic leaders.  They think, talk and act as if it would be totally natural for their daughter to lose her virginity on prom night in a pot smoke filled 1970 Pinto with that “nice guy” who married somebody else.

 Now, we all know that people make mistakes and that redemption is available.

But the message is vital.  Do we tell young women to do what you will, use tax payer funded contraception, and maintain that this constitutes, “women’s rights and access to healthcare”?  Or do we emphasize the moral narrative and personal responsibility?

Sandra fluke cited abnormal medical issues in her attempt to normalize tax payer funded contraception at all venues including religious institutions.  But the bigger narrative is obviously the promotion of contraception and abortion with a wink at the en masse promiscuity involved.  And that is a disastrous agenda for young women and females.

 So when Ms. Fluke informs congress that young coeds require $3000 worth of contraception for their excursion at a Catholic school, realize that she is promoting a worldview that is highly noxious to women.  When Obama called to encourage Ms. Fluke the activist he undermined the marriage prospects of countless simpleminded followers.  And when Nancy Pelosi emits her white hot rhetoric about access to healthcare, it must be understood that her strong delusion ends up promoting a promiscuity that deeply injures young women.

 Just in case someone thinks I give my own gender a free pass on this realm, let me say this.  Promiscuous males ruin vulnerable women and do great harm.  Ruining a woman is serious evil.  Every man that sleeps with someone who is not his wife is sleeping with the wife of someone else… she is just not married yet.  That is a serious offense.  A promiscuous man has a very hard time sticking to one woman once he is married.  And the fact of the matter is this, if fathers held to their responsibility to raise daughters correctly, and young men were taught high virtue then there would be no occasion and no reason for Ms. Fluke to express her wayward sentiments.

 There is absolutely no reason for conservatives to take a defensive posture on this issue.  The consequences of this liberal narrative amount to a life of ruin and people with moral insight should vigorously oppose this agenda.

 Ron Hunnicutt