God and the Republic

December 25, 2010

God and the Republic

By Ron Hunnicutt

Progressives delight in proclaiming that God is not mentioned in the Constitution.  But the Declaration of Independence does mention our Creator in the first two paragraphs along with the last.  Our Declaration is the why of what our Founding Fathers did.  The Constitution is the how.  The Declaration is the foundation, and the Constitution is the structure or framework of our government.  The Declaration is act one, and the Constitution is act two.  Both acts make for a viable construct.  Leave one or the other out, and the whole becomes incoherent.
What is the purpose of the Constitution?  To set up a government that acknowledges our equality in God’s eyes (and yes, the equality stops right there, except for the idea that all men should have equality before the law in a courtroom) and allows us to exercise our “unalienable rights,” among other things.  The Declaration states our independence from tyranny, and so the obvious need for the Constitution is at hand.
If progressives wish to discount our Declaration or discount God’s presence in the Declaration, then the purpose of our very existence as a nation becomes somewhat confused.  The Founders created a constitutional republic, but why?  For what purpose?  The Declaration gives the why and purpose.  A part of the Founders’ justification for declaring independence was that King George III “broke covenant” with the colonists for many reasons, and “covenant” is a sober biblical concept.

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Worldviews Determine Values

This article is vital because Christianity is illegal in at least 52 countries. Likewise, the recent national uproar over the comments about God’s design for marriage by the CEO of Chick-Fil-A reveals the widespread effort to silence Christians.

Worldviews determine values and values determine morals, laws, lifestyles and politics.  Today’s liberalism is a worldview – a view of how the world should be.  Christianity is a competing worldview.  Many liberals demand that religion be kept out of government and politics but of course they demand that liberalism rule the day in those arenas.

Our founders did not want a national religion for manifold reasons.  But, as John Adams said, “Our constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”  So how should respectable men of today apply Adams’ words to life and politics?  For many of us Christianity, which speaks to most issues of life, is the most viable way for a man to self-govern his life.  If a man does not self-govern, or properly rule himself, then something else has to step in and govern him which many times translates to excessive government laws, rules and regulations.

If we are to practice virtue, high character, responsibility and live in a productive fashion then we need correct values.  The same holds for groups of people and nations.  The values that a nation is based on matter greatly.  Soviet Russia obtained its values from Marxism and Communism.  Saudi Arabia draws its values from the Koran.  Israel draws many of its values from the Old Testament.  Our Founders drew their values from Judeo — Christian ethics and the Enlightenment.  It is important to consider that we are not a Muslim nation.  Nor are we a communist nation.  And we are not an Asian nation drawing our values from Buddha or Confucius.  We are not a Hindu nation.  We did not obtain our values from the Sikh religion.  But we do have freedom of religion so a person can draw from a worldview or religion of their choice.

America extracts a lot of insight from reason and science but those two disciplines do not speak to all realms of life.

Our constitution says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….”  But if a pastor makes a political statement in the pulpit then he risks a visit from the IRS.  And our government has deemed it highly offensive to offer a word of thanks to our Creator in a public school. These things shouldn’t be.

Adversaries of Christianity continually claim that Christians are trying to force Christianity on America and therefore they demand that religion be kept out of government.  However, every law is based on a value and the source of that value is critical.  Behind every law that is passed there is a value that is forced on the population.  Some of our laws are good and some of them are not.  I maintain that Christians and Christianity have every right to influence people, laws, government and every area of life just like liberalism in fact does.

Consider that liberalism has forced on conservatives abortion laws, laws that mute pastors from commenting on politics, laws in California that teach elementary children about immoral behavior, the wayward idea that two men in a physical relationship can be called “marriage,” and the government taking control of 1/5 of the economy in the form of Obamacare.  All of these destructive liberal ideas, values, and parts of a worldview have been forced on conservatives legislatively or judicially.

And, to add insult to real injury, the liberal comes along and demands that Christians keep their worldview out of government!   Given that our government is a constitutional republic, my protest is that if enough moral people decide to pass a law that says marriage is between one man and one woman, or if enough moral and decent people are able to pass a law that says abortion snuffs out a life and so we will not allow that anymore, then that value and that law should prevail.  If Christian values prevail legislatively then that is fair play and Constitutional.

That is partially what Adams meant.  Moral people have the right to influence government and all aspects of life.  That Christians want a theocracy is just liberal subterfuge.  Christians want what was founded… adherence to the Constitution.  And just as liberalism influences all aspects of life so Christianity should have equal influence.

So, is this article about religion, politics, or life itself?  For the progressive this article is about religion so he will immediately scream separation of church and state, which is not in the constitution.  But the truth is that this article is about all three.

Evil has always tried to silence men of character.  Herod killed John the Baptist.  Hitler finally executed Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Martin Luther King was gunned down.  But men of virtue must stand up for the truth anyway despite the risks.

Ron Hunnicutt