Nunes is Exposing the Rats and Weasels

This ran at the Visalia Times Delta on July 25th, 2018. The price I pay to get published is that my favorite lines get deleted. And usually the title gets changed. Ah… such is life. So, here I get to publish the original version. Still grateful to get the gist of my message out there.


I read the online version of the Times Delta daily and occasionally the print version. I have yet to observe a positive article about Nunes and his stellar efforts to expose the rats and weasels in the DC swamp. There are plenty of positive articles about Janz’ campaign to unseat Nunes along with plenty of articles about the so called “religious leaders” protesting Nunes. Nunes’ counterpart, Adam Shiff seemingly wins the day with his extensive boldface lies. It is altogether routine for the liberal media to act in concert with liberal democrats to demonize everything conservative. Even this editorial runs the risk of heavy editing. For conservatives the extreme and pervasive bias is clearly a matter of 5150.

A primary concept that America was founded on is the Rule of Law. Residents in Nunes’ district need to consider exactly what liberal democrat Janz brings to the table. First is the liberal construct of open borders. This affords liberals the subterfuge of constructing a dependent welfare entitlement-based voting bloc. But far worse is the invasion of drug runners, sex traffickers, criminals and terrorists. This is lawlessness. Since liberalism is such a strong delusion liberals have no idea just how destructive open borders are.

Next is the chicanery of a woman’s right to choose. Janz will no doubt support the murder of Americans in the womb. This is a holocaust of Americans and another form of lawlessness.

Next is the farce of sanctuary cities. If you are illegal and a criminal then Austin or San Francisco is your haven where you can freely defecate on the sidewalks and discard your used drug needles. As an added bonus you can participate in immoral parades. All of this is dysfunctional lawlessness. All of you out there who wish for Janz to turn Visalia into this type of utopian sanatorium/snake pit/abyss please raise your hand.

And if that is not enough who wants to align ourselves with liberal leader Jerry Brown who thinks it is wise to open the borders, import an increasing population of illegal aliens, never build a dam but limit people to a third world standard of 55 gallons of water per day. This is lawlessness swirled with nonsense. And as a liberal democrat Janz is aligned and committed to such folly.

Nunes is one vote out of 435 representatives in the House. He wields only such much power in bringing good things to Tulare County so it is real easy for opponents to highlight perceived deficiencies. Obama brought lawlessness to the DOJ, FBI and the IRS. Nunes is exposing the corruption so he has turned into a massive and despised target.

The New York Times states with a smirk on its face, “we set the agenda.” They do have their influence but outside of their Wizard of Oz bubble plenty of Americans see through all of it. Those Americans will keep Nunes in office because God is opposed to lawlessness.

Ron Hunnicutt

Visalia, CA


July 4th 2017: A Time to Hate Evil

King Solomon wrote three books of the Bible. In Ecclesiastes he said there is a time to love and a time to hate.tumblr_l29yi3gag71qa8ix8o1_r1_1280

Paul in the Bible said we should hate what is evil and cling to what is good.

The New York Times estimates drug overdoses in America in 2016 were around 59,000. We have an opioid epidemic. The LA Times says this, “Last year, there were 20,792 homicides in Mexico — a 22% increase over 2015, and a 35% jump over 2014.”. These homicides are primarily drug cartel related. We need a wall for the health of both countries. Liberals hate the idea of a wall because illegal immigrants provide a dependent voting bloc. Republicans have zero courage. That is something to hate.

Now every June immoral men have parades taking “pride” in their evil behavior with even a President signing off on the wickedness. Obama in effect said sodomy is good – defying the very God who created him. Why is a good part of the world so enamored with homosexuality? Surely delusions run rampant on this earth. Homosexuals operate as if equality is the only worthwhile principle under the sun. Good men will hate such confusion.

Trump is hard to defend but he says he wants to make America great again. A good part of America would really like to see that happen. But the media and liberal democrats continually attack Trump with false narratives in an effort to derail his presidency out of sheer vengeance. Such an evil agenda must be hated.

The God of the Bible is the one who created you and all that you can see and behold. But this liberal nonsense of, “separation of church and state” that is not even in the constitution has been used by deceived men to drive God out of our society. That is a scheme of evil itself

Hillary committed a crime using her own email server and then lied to you about it. She also gave the Russians 20% of our plutonium for hefty donations to her foundation. There is plenty of evidence that the Clintons used Foundation funds for personal gain. Bill Clinton is an alleged serial sexual predator of which Hillary is an enabler. This low brow character is the person Democrats and the liberal media think would be a good president for you. Such delusions are easy to hate.

Any philosophy like liberalism that demands that Americans be snuffed out in the womb is surely the dung beetle of world philosophies. Fifty-Nine million dead Americans from abortion as a result of “sexual freedom” is incredible human carnage. Anyone who does not hate such slaughter has a leanness of soul.

While the liberal media and liberal democrats cook up false accusations regarding Trump, Obama gave billions of dollars to terrorist Iran, he used the IRS to attack political opponents, he used the DOJ to deflect responsibility regarding the fast and furious, and he used AG Loretta Lynch to get Hillary off of the hook. Add to all of that lying about Benghazi and having subordinates lie about a dead American ambassador all of which the liberal media gave Obama a complete pass on and the hate piles up like dead stinking rats.

Two caveats are in order for liberals. First is that we are to hate evil but not people. Second is that the typical liberal response is that we should not judge. Well, that is one verse in the Bible that paints a picture. Jesus also said we should judge with a right judgment and the need for discernment is thoroughly documented in the Bible.

There is plenty to be grateful about our country – the greatest civilization in the history of the world. First our great heritage is second only to God’s great providence in ancient Israel. Second, there are a whole lot of great people in our country who understand good from evil. Third, our appeals to our Creator do not fall on deaf ears.

If we continue on this foolish liberal path that says we are “evolving” beyond religion and our Creator then our decline will continue.

Jesus said He is the truth. This Fourth let us hate what is evil and embrace what is true.

One Sentence Explains Hillary’s Character

(I wrote this in 2016 during the election but I am just now posting it.)

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If we know Hillary lied about Benghazi, and if we know there is a dead American ambassador, who pleaded for more security, on her watch, and if we know she concocted shrill fictions about her email server no less than four times even under oath on one occasion and, “under penalty of perjury” on a different occasion, and since it is obvious that Hillary stated publicly that she wanted everyone to see her emails and then deceptively used Bleachbit after that to acid wash those emails, and if it is blatantly obvious that foreign investors and foreign countries like Algiers, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman gave to the Clinton Foundation to gain favors before, during and after Hillary was Secretary of State, and if it is also easily apparent that Hillary illegally made way on her Foundation for personal gain, and if is it also blatantly obvious that Hillary used her position as Secretary of State for pay to play schemes, and if it is obvious that Bill is an alleged serial sexual predator, and if we know that Bill was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, and if Obama’s liberal policies have resulted in 94,391,000 people out of the workforce with Hillary continuing the same liberal policies, and since Barbara Streisand has graciously promised to vacate our country if Trump is elected, and if we also know that Hillary desires to afford immigrant Syrians careers in Detroit which is shock treatment to unemployed Americans, and if we know that Hillary will appoint rubber stamp liberals to the Supreme Court who will give her a free pass on everything she wants even if it is not constitutional which upsets the balance of power the Founders built into our system, and having clearly seen that Hillary will continue Obama’s policies of trashing our First Amendment, Second Amendment and the Constitution as a whole, and if it is 99.99 percent predictable that Hillary, like Obama, will use the IRS to attack political opponents and politicize the DOJ so carelessly that justice plays no role whatsoever, knowing that the next president is going to have to deal with an empowered terrorist Iran because Obama gave them up to 33.6 billion dollars which is easily the most diabolical thing any president of the United States has ever done, and if we are thoroughly appalled that George Soros spends millions on top of millions on top of more millions of dollars to manipulate American politics and American elections with Hillary’s tacit approval, and if we know that Hillary did not even pay attention to the level of classification on her emails thinking the “C” was some sort of alphabetical sequence which speaks to her gross lack of competence or her desire to intentionally deceive the American public, and if we know that feckless Hillary allowed hackers to obtain classified information due to her negligence, and if we know that Russians donated to the Clinton Foundation and then those same Russians purchased American uranium mines (which are strategic American assets) with Hillary’s assistance, and if we know that Hillary wants to resettle a million more Islamic migrants to America despite Islamic terrorism on our very own soil, and if we know Bill and Hillary made 153 million in speaking fees some of which was from Wall Street which reveals crony capitalism… the whole of which the New York Times considers minuscule, trite and dulcet infractions… and if it is obvious that liberal democrats and the media could care less just how deceitful and treacherous Hillary really is, all three specimens without a cure, then why on earth would we submit to CNN’s delusional, obsessive compulsive disorders and put Hillary in the oval office as the most corrupt president ever while she makes sport of our gullibility as we wax bitter under yet another corrupt leader rather than being, “deplorables,” and taking our chances with Trump who is admittedly a crap shoot (a dice game of unpredictable outcome) but not proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be a completely corrupt political weasel like Hillary… and therefore… for what do we live – to be fools governed by the corrupt?

Obama – A Convoluted Mess

This article ran at Intellectual Conservative on February 7th, 2016

The unvarnished truth is that Obama is a convoluted mess because he claims Christianity, lives by liberalism for political power, but his heart is with Islam.”

Obama – A Convoluted Mess

This is a political essay.

I read an article about Obama’s, “Christianity” in the Washington Post recently.  The liberal media continually carries water for Obama, rationalizing his actions, spinning his dysfunction, and justifying his failures.  Churchill said this about truth: “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” In the American cultural wars the daily blast of white hot lies by the liberal media continually smoke-screens the truth.

Saul was a leader of ancient Israel.  The problem with Saul is that he tried to lead Israel in his own strength, by his own reasoning and by his own abilities.  God eventually rejected him as a leader.  This is a parallel for Obama’s type of leadership.

David in contrast led the Israelites by seeking God’s counsel with humility, much prayer as the Psalms attest, and he was described as a man after God’s own heart.  He was a type of Christ.

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