At His Pleasure

Jim Harbaugh said this about leaving the San Francisco 49ers, “I serve [coach the 49ers] at the pleasure of the organization.” Maybe you have heard this before – I serve at the pleasure of my employer. It is a good statement that puts things in perspective – especially in our entitlement society of today. And it is a good statement in light of our culture that values power, money and influence rather than serving. And I am well aware of the power, prestige, money and fame that Jim Harbaugh commands. Maybe he pursues those things but I think he serves and those things tag along.

But my main point is along these lines: I am saved by grace. I exist at the pleasure of my Creator. I live and die by the will of God. Every good thing I have is from God.

So, when things do not go my way, when life does not go as I think it should, then my response should not be an angry fist, or a despairing spirit, or some sort of resigned cynicism. My response to the struggles of life should be a humble acknowledgement of the things I already know: that God is sovereign, that He is God and not me, that all things do work together for those who love the Lord, that like Job I must serve and honor God for who He is and not what I can get out of Him. And that I exist at His pleasure – not for my own.