Christians have the Answers

I am very disappointed that my fellow Americans re-elected Obama, an evil man in my opinion. This is a gut punch to the heritage and vitality of America. But, my hope is not in politicians. My hope is in the mystery of the ages, Jesus of Nazareth.

Obama does not have the truth and he does not have answers. He could very well be a curse on America. Things will get worse under his leadership… unemployment, foreign policy appeasement, Iran, Muslim Jihad, fiscal irresponsibility, excessive taxes, supreme court nominee activists, increased food stamp recipients for political gain, open borders for more illegal immigration, on and on.

 More and more people will be hurting due to liberal policies. But we Christians have the truth. We are ambassadors for Christ who has the answers for all things. Obama’s policies will add to the plight of all Americans but Christians have the answer and people will be seeking… suffering does that. People rarely seek God due to prosperity but they search for answers in hard times.

 Consider this. God picked the time and place for Christ to come to earth. The time and place God picked was during the Roman Empire – not a “Godly” nation and not a regime sensitive to the things of God. This situation is similar to our own.

 In any case, for the Christian, God has taken care of us the last four years and we can trust that He will remain faithful. Since all sin is social then there might be rough times ahead but this is still America and God is still God.