About Me

You have happened upon my commentary (rant) about life, culture and politics from a Christian standpoint. I am a Christian father who is blessed with a wonderful and talented wife. I am additionally blessed with two wonderful, very talented and quite busy young girls.

We reside in Central California – very far away from the theological, intellectual, financial and political capitals of the world. I will forever be paying on my student loan which monthly slaps me in remembrance that I received a college degree. I struggle and contend with a chronic illness. In order for me to be a Christian and a father two people have had to die: the One for my salvation and the other for my kidney transplant.

I know pastors who are great men of God. I am not a pastor. I know many Christian counselors who really help people. I am not a counselor. I routinely read great articles by very smart people with advanced degrees. I am not one of those. Keep this in mind as you grapple with my words. Seek out an expert if the need arises.

The truth really does matter so that is what I write about.

Ron Hunnicutt


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