Real Encouragement


The truth matters. That is where we have to start. Moral relativism is a strong delusion.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made – created. So, when things go wrong like ESRD then the issues get real complicated real fast. So, I have tried to surround myself with the best doctors, nurses, social workers and advocates I possibly can.

I feel fortunate to be encompassed by excellent doctors, nurses, social workers and a host of other people who keep me alive. But we have to realize man can only do so much. I had a GI bleed that went on for a whole year. I went through 5 different irritating procedures attempting to locate the bleeding. None of the procedures could locate the source of the bleeding. If we put our hope in man, even highly skilled doctors, eventually we will be disappointed. That disappointment can lead to despair.

So rather that succumb to the despair we are better off putting our hope in something far beyond ourselves.

In America today we have pluralism which is good because that gives us choices, seeming legitimate choices as to what we will give our hearts to. Nonetheless absolute truth exists. So when Jesus says, “I am the way, the light and the truth. No one comes to the father except by me,” then we are provided the opportunity to put our hope in the one who actually created us and knows us better than anyone..

The zeitgeist in America today obfuscates truth. Did you know that even doctors and nurses are committing suicide in record numbers? Why is that? Because we as Americans rejected God in the sixties. Now we look to Oprah for a type of spirituality, and we look to the government to solve our problems, and at the end of the day neither of them really have the power or ability to truly help us or encourage us.

I am encouraged when I read the Bible and then understand why God put me on this earth in the first place. I am encouraged when I read the Bible in the morning and see that the God who created everything we can see and behold loves me. I am encouraged when I read the Psalms and feel the discouragement David expressed but realize that I am encouraged as I put my hope in God, just as David did.

When my mother passed away our family really took a substantial hit. But my encouragement and consolation has always been that, since she was a Christian, and knowing that I also walk with God, and knowing that God prepares a place of bliss for those who accept His Son, that the sting of my mother’s death will not always be. I will see her again. That is genuine encouragement.

I am encouraged when I am very afflicted and my sister calls and she prays for me.

I am encouraged when my other sister writes me a card with encouraging verses out of the Bible – verses that helped her through a difficult bout with cancer.

I am encouraged when a friend of mine who is also a pastor calls and prays for me.

My kidneys failed in 1995. I was on dialysis for 3 years and then I received a transplant that lasted 17 years. Now I am back on dialysis.

It is not lost on me that for me to be a Christian and a father two people had to pay the ultimate price. First was Jesus on the cross. Second was the person that provided the cadaver kidney for my transplant. When I was on dialysis the first time a doctor said my wife and I would never have children because of my health. But the transplant fixed that. And so now my wife and I have two beautiful daughters who are absolute pearls in my world.

But I do feel like the man at the end of the movie, Saving Private Ryan. Because two people have had to die for me to live as a Christian man, husband and a father, it is my strong desire to me numbered among good men because of the very high price and sacrifice that has occurred on my behalf. “Tell me that I am a good man…” Private Ryan says to his wife at the end of the movie. It is a very strong encouragement to me to live the best life I can live.

Ron Hunnicutt


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