Diabolical Liberals

This ran at the Visalia Times Delta in March of 2018.evil_eyes

The lawlessness of California is a malignant cancer.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court hears (heard) a case regarding the State of California and its attempt to force pro-life pregnancy centers to install large signs that promote abortion.

It is not enough that Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer funds to kill Americans in the womb and then sell the parts. Liberals are so rabid to kill absolutely all of the Americans they possibly can that California passed a bill in October of 2015 in an attempt to expand the carnage to pro life facilities.

Those who consider sexual freedom the highest value in the cosmos will no doubt be offended at my rhetoric. But progressives who think they are open-minded need to consider that abortion is as barbaric as any other wickedness that snuffs out lives. How is it possible that liberals are aghast at the slaughter in Florida but then clap and shout with delight for the very same carnage in the womb? Surely modern liberalism is a strong delusion.

Thou shall not murder. A five year old can understand that concept. But lawlessness dictates that Putin murders his political opponents and liberals pass laws to murder in the womb.

By the way, Roe vs. Wade is by no means settled law. God always has the last word on all matters.

California politicians will have to answer to God for this depravity.



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