The Dysfunctional Mess Called Islam


I am compelled to say something about this picture and this girl. We cannot look in her eyes without tearing up ourselves. Islam hurts little girls. Islam sends young boys to their death by suicide bombing. Islam turns men into oppressors. Islam turns women into the oppressed. Sharia Law oppresses anywhere it is enforced.

I am always in favor of freedom of choice and freedom of religion. Yet the truth matters. The only reason liberalism is sympathetic to Islam is because liberalism says man is the center of all things which means liberalism rejects God’s authority and Christianity’s primacy… so that Liberalism is opposed to Christianity just like Islam is and so liberalism and Islam have a common enemy… which is very easy to see in our culture and our media.

So, this young girl is caught up in the total mess that is called Islam and its constant warfare and fighting. It is a very sad thing. We are fools if we do not realize the chaos, dysfunction and obvious pain that Islam brings to people and nations

The caption for this picture reads, “A displaced Iraqi girl, who fled her home, cries during a battle between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants, near Badush, Iraq, March 16, 2017.

If you insist that Islam is a peaceful religion then tell my why Jihad is in the Koran, and why Sharia Law is in Koran, and why is kill the infidels in the Koran? Plus a whole host of other oppressive statements regarding Christians are in the Koran.

In the end this young girl’s tears tell the whole story.  She is innocent of all wrong-doing yet she suffers.



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