UC Merced Tarnishes its Reputation by Honoring Anita Hill

This ran at the Merced Sun-Star on 10/31/16 & the Fresno Bee on 11/2/16.


It just reveals the delusions of liberalism that UC Merced would honor Anita Hill. There are plenty of holes and inconsistencies in Hill’s testimony to the Senate Confirmation Hearings if one wishes to seek the truth. But truth is never the agenda with liberals. And a boatload of truth will not move a heart that is not inclined to seek the truth. The agenda with liberalism is to destroy conservatives in any way possible.

UC Merced tarnishes its character and entertains a reputation of folly by honoring a person who lied in order to advance the agenda of liberalism. I wonder if there is even one person at UC Merced that will stand up and speak the truth? The powers that be at UC Merced as well as Anita Hill would do well to realize that eventually they must stand before God and give accounts for their actions. I wonder how truly honored they will feel at that moment.


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