The Master’s Tale


The Master’s Tale

The God who created everything the eye can behold is a storyteller. In fact much of the Bible is a narrative of God working in and through people’s lives which is no trifling matter.

We are made in God’s image and the concept of story is intrinsic to us which is one reason why men love sports. Sports is an athletic story that is told in a game and unfolds over a season.

The story of some men’s lives are a master’s tale. Who is not impressed with the life of Jackie Robinson, the courage of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the story of Martin Luther King, or the tale of Jessie Owens?

The problem of evil is somewhat explained by the fact that God gives men free choice. So evil men like communist Joseph Stalin, communist Pol Pot, the “Butcher of Uganda” Idi Amin, Hitler and many others smudge the landscape of history and write stories that thoroughly afflict our souls.

Of interest to me is the fact that our Creator and Author of Life saves the most incredible and amazing stories for His exclusive use. He really is the very first cause of all that man can see and behold. He really did part the Red Sea to save His chosen people and to judge those who would not repent. He really did put Jonah in the stomach of a whale to make some very pertinent points. He really did raise His Son from the dead to redeem those lost in sin.

What is your story? Is your narrative a grand tale? Is your life that of the common man just trying to do what is right which might very well be close to God’s heart? Is your story in need of the Great Editor who desires to redeem you and your life?

As an ambassador for Jesus Christ I am a very tiny part of a far greater story.

It is an altogether true paradox that the more intimately you know and understand God’s story the more enhanced your own story will unfold.


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