It is a Terrible Thing

A Sunday afternoon rambling

Nobody wants to hear what God has to say. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say.

Joel Osteen had a service at ATT Park in San Francisco. The stadium was packed.

ATT is the Crown Jewel of major league baseball. The SF Giants sellout streak is approaching 400 games. It is a gorgeous baseball park in a gorgeous setting. The views are breath taking. Home runs to right field can splash in the bay if the hitter puts enough bat speed behind it. Tankers slowly make their way through the waves, the nonsense of Berkeley can be observed from a safe distance, and sailboats prance with joy flirting with the beauty of God’s creation – a delight to the senses if one has the right seats.  It is no wonder that all manner of humanity flock to San Francisco. The Golden Gate bridge is the most photographed specimen in the whole of man’s realm.

Did you take in the amazing spectacle and tactical battles of America’s cup? High tech “sailboats” 13 stories tall racing above the currents on foils in front of the spectacular San Francisco shore line. The AC-72’s raced up to 46 mph as Oracle Team USA overcame the Kiwis to claim the oldest trophy in international sports. America’s cup was the absolute pinnacle of the sport of man, the beauty of God’s creation, the wonder of technology, and the high drama stakes of the most epic comeback in the history of sports.

Back to Mr. Osteen. He is known for his positive and uplifting messages. But true Christians know that they serve a Holy God who cannot let inequity scourge the lives of people indefinitely… justice must eventually over rule the day.

Sitting in that buzzing crowd on a Saturday night was Nancy Pelosi who claims a faith via Catholicism. She claims Christianity but it is obvious to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the First Commandment that her functional god is liberalism. She advocates for abortion, sodomy, deficit spending and she embraces the intoxicating power that liberalism affords her.

Joel Osteen, as a minister of the gospel, had an opportunity to tell Mrs. Pelosi to repent of her wickedness and therefore escape the wrath of God.

Mr. Osteen failed to preach the full gospel, impart the whole counsel of God, and therefore Nancy Pelosi continues to be at very high risk of suffering the terrible thing known as God’s justice in payment for Pelosi’s chronic wickedness.

What should have been a lightning strike in an effort to remedy her soul ended up being a cheer leading session for inequity to continue.

Repentance from dead works is germane to the Christian faith. America sinks like the Titanic while some of its preachers sing zippity-do-da all day long. It is high treason. Faithfulness to the gospel is health to the soul of America.



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