A Simple Theology of Church

I read an article about 15 years on getting along in church so not all of this is my own thinking. I have no idea who wrote that article or how to track it down so I cannot supply the proper credits.

We have to get along at church. Some people hop from church to church which means they never sink roots and grow like the tree in Psalm 1. Others get disgusted for one reason or another and conclude that Christianity is for them but the organized church is not. But the church is God’s design and the Body of Christ is where God does his best work. My opinion is that is it a dangerous path for a Christian to decide church is not for them.

So here is one solution. All of us are deeply fallen. The sin that we find in our own heart is the same sin that we find in those at church because the whole church is made up of deeply fallen people. The folly that you find in your own heart is the folly you find in those at church. And the weaknesses you find in your own heart you will find in abundance at church.

We are saved by grace. God forgives you for you sins, your follies and your weaknesses. So, we must extend to our fellow believers that very same grace, that very same  forgiveness and that very same longsuffering.

And sometimes that gets real difficult. But when you find yourself in a circumstance that has no remedy, then you must simply absorb the sin of the person that is offending you just like Christ absorbed your sin on the cross. You just take it like Christ took your sin. We are called to be Christ like… correct? So sometimes you be just that – exactly like Christ.

Now admittedly sometimes we have to confront, discipline, or jump right in and solve a problem.

Also I am not advocating that you sit under false teaching or participate in any wrong doing.

But the main point is that we have to get along in church. And if there is no body (us) then what use is the head (Christ)?

So, the next time you are slighted, offended, or outright torqued off, take a step back and decide, can I afford this person the same grace, forgiveness and acceptance that God affords me?


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