Bamboo Delight

This letter should have ran at the SF Chronicle the week of 12/14/15. BTW – 49er fans are so disgusted with Jed York that most refused to attend the game this week – empty seats galore. 

Bamboo Delight

The 49er’s were one point underdogs against the under-achieving 2-10 Cleveland Browns last Sunday. The 49er’s went ahead and lost by 14 points. Baalke and York should be publically caned Singapore style next Saturday night on Alcatraz complete with Pay Per View onsite. The charge for viewing should be about 2 cents per household and 5 cents for groups of 100 or more. The infraction is the complete and total trashing of a team that went to the Super Bowl just 3 short years ago. The motivation to DVR any 49er game this year is miniscule.

My focus for exciting football has moved across the bay to Derek Carr and the Raiders who ripped off a major upset over the weekend in Denver.

Sugar canes not required. Bamboo will suffice.

Ron Hunnicutt


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