My Conundrum

Ephesians 5:15-16 (NKJV)

Walk in Wisdom

15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.


If I could walk in a thoroughly circumspect manner then I would not need Jesus.

In my feeble attempts to walk in a circumspect manner I am absolutely dependent on Jesus.


Bamboo Delight

This letter should have ran at the SF Chronicle the week of 12/14/15. BTW – 49er fans are so disgusted with Jed York that most refused to attend the game this week – empty seats galore. 

Bamboo Delight

The 49er’s were one point underdogs against the under-achieving 2-10 Cleveland Browns last Sunday. The 49er’s went ahead and lost by 14 points. Baalke and York should be publically caned Singapore style next Saturday night on Alcatraz complete with Pay Per View onsite. The charge for viewing should be about 2 cents per household and 5 cents for groups of 100 or more. The infraction is the complete and total trashing of a team that went to the Super Bowl just 3 short years ago. The motivation to DVR any 49er game this year is miniscule.

My focus for exciting football has moved across the bay to Derek Carr and the Raiders who ripped off a major upset over the weekend in Denver.

Sugar canes not required. Bamboo will suffice.

Ron Hunnicutt

Your Choice: Truth or Carnage

This ran at the Visalia Times Delta on 12/9/2015.

Your Choice: Truth or Carnage

A culture war has raged on since the 196o’s. One side says liberalism is the correct direction. The other side says God is alive and well and we celebrate the birth of His Son this season.

Nietzsche said there is no God. The last liberal Democratic Convention agreed. The natural outflow of this is Communism which has led to the death of 94 million people to enforce it.

Liberalism says sexual freedom is the primary ethic. The result is 39 million dead from AIDS. Another result is 57 million dead Americans in the womb. Yet another result is 20 million new STD infections every year. It is estimated that 110 million people in America have an STD. Still another result is out of wedlock pregnancy which is the number one predictor of poverty.

Atheists rabidly pound on the delete key regarding all things related to Christmas but the carnage exposes the lie.

The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by 40 authors over the span of about 2000 years all pointing to one single outrageous event – the birth, death and resurrection of Christ. Jesus appeared to over 500 people after His resurrection.

In the movie Gladiator, Maximus says this, “What we do in life echoes in eternity.”

To those of you who absolutely refuse to recognize the truth carnage awaits you.

To those of you who recognize that Jesus is the way, the life and the truth, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Can Christians in Clear Conscience Criticize the Commander-in-Chief?

[I am re-posting this from CP Post here because I think it is important]


April 26, 2013|9:08 am

Hardly a week goes by without some new controversy surrounding the President and his practice of leapfrogging Congress with executive orders. Having many friends serving in various ministries, I am frequently involved in discussions over whether or not Christians are justified in criticizing our leaders. Recently, one local pastor went so far as to apologize to his congregation for referring to President Obama as a “godless leader.” A division exists within the church over how Christians should respond to leaders who consistently establish policies that are inconsistent with biblical principles.

Some Christian leaders try to make the argument that believers should merely view their earthly existence as tourists passing through this life and, therefore, ought not to involve themselves with “politics.” They rightly believe that followers of Christ have a primary duty to share the Gospel while serving the needs of others. But they question how involved one should be to correct secondary responsibilities such as sociopolitical injustices or even whether they should try to address them from the pulpit. If they concede that we do have a collective responsibility to correct moral issues that plague our society, then they must be willing to confront those who contribute to the progress of moral decay regardless of their position, including the President of the United States.

However, the question arises, “Can Christians in clear conscience criticize the Commander-in-Chief?” This requires a little digging into Scripture. The Apostle Peter and the Apostle Paul both instruct believers to honor the king and to be subject to those who are in power. However, do these apostolic commands disqualify believers from speaking out against the evil conduct of a leader? Many precedents are set within the biblical record, but for the sake of brevity, we will set forth some examples that definitively answer these questions.

Since the apostles encourage believers to honor the king, and since the apostles were Jewish, our question may be best served by examining the political commentary within the book of Kings found in the Jewish Scriptures. Traditional Jewish scholarship ascribes the chronicling of these books to priests who were contemporaries of the kings. These priests highlighted the major accomplishments of each king but also made a special point of summarizing the reign of each leader by evaluating his conduct with one of two general statements: Either “He did good in the sight of the Lord,” or “He did evil in the sight of the Lord.”

Priests were not limited to simply confronting political figures from the safety of their sacred halls, nor were they the only ones who made bold assertions directly in the presence of kings. Countless prophets within the Scriptures are on record for confronting the poor conduct of a king. In fact, when Elijah’s protégé Elisha is summoned into the presence of both the King of Judah and the King of Israel, he says to King Jehoram, “As the LORD of hosts lives, before whom I stand, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would not look at you nor see you.” (2 Kings 3:14)

Unfortunately, these brave examples are swept aside by some Protestants because they are contained within the pages of the Jewish Scriptures and they feel that these writings prior to the advent of Christ no longer apply. However plenty of examples are recorded in the New Testament as well. John the Baptist, who like Elisha, came in the spirit of Elijah and was a distant protégé, lost his head due to confronting King Herod over the issue of marriage (Matthew 14:1-13; Mark 6:14-29). Later, when this particular Herod heard of the news of Christ’s fame, he came to his own false conclusion that Jesus was John the Baptist raised from the dead. When Jesus was told by some Pharisees that Herod wanted to kill him, he responded by using a derogatory term to refer to the king by calling him a fox (Luke 13:32).

Can Christians in clear conscience criticize the Commander-in-Chief? If we are encouraged to follow the example of the Apostles, who followed the words of the prophets, priests, and our King, the answer is absolutely, “Yes!” But this also provokes a further, more specific question, “With which conduct did they primarily take issue?” John the Baptist lost his head because he was simply echoing a recurring theme that even his mentor was forced to confront. What was it? It was the distortion of marriage which historically results in all kinds of sexual misconduct and finally culminates with leaders endorsing the slaughter of innocent children. (2 Kings 17:7-18)

Therefore, Christians can criticize the Commander-in-Chief, especially when he endorses policies that specifically undermine the conservation of marriage and the sanctity of human life (2 Kings 8:12). Consequently, if I was compelled to evaluate the current conduct of the Commander-in-Chief based upon this criteria alone, I would have to conclude, like so many others who have gone on before us, that “He did evil in the sight of the Lord.” My conscience is clear, is yours?


A Hunnicutt Poem

We acquired a very nice, rather pricey Macbook Pro for our girls and homeschooling.

Hot chocolate and apple juice combined with motherboards are a recipe for disaster.

And it seems to me that cracking the glass screen requires a drop of the poor computer out of an F-16 or the premeditated experiment of a diesel truck type force rolling over the exposed screen.

So I wrote this poem.


There once was a computer abused,

The father was really confused

Of how this computer so bright

Turned into a computer of fright!

When the father inquired of such

The children said little of much.

So the moral of this little wrap?

Purchase your kids cheap crap!

Long Live Free Radicals

Long Live Free Radicals!

It turns out that some free radicals in small amounts might be in fact good for you according to a study in the Journal of Physiology. Of course the prevailing wisdom is that most free radicals do harm which has caused the demand for antioxidants to skyrocket. But some free radicals, among other things, help your heart to beat correctly. In small amounts they might also help you live longer.

See here in Science Daily:

Also here:

This is exceeding good news for many of us. As a white male, Christian, conservative and a fierce antagonist of the strong delusion called modern liberalism I am supposedly the source of all evil – and thus a free radical. The Founding Fathers, once they declared independence, easily qualify as free radicals. David’s mighty warriors in the Bible, otherwise labeled as misfits of society, might also be considered free radicals.

Just to be clear, the Founding Fathers and David’s warriors easily qualify as great men. I qualify for no such distinction. If it was not for the grace of Jesus Christ I would probably be an anarchist or a lieutenant in a drug cartel.

Life is messy. Anyone who is married knows this. Even a mild glance at politics reveals extreme messiness. As Christians we are called to submit to God ordained authorities and respect those in government. So to speak truth to those in power and confront authority for wrongdoing can be beyond difficult. Consider Bonhoeffer against Hitler and the Founding Fathers with King George III. It is my desire to do exactly what God’s will is but even that can be messy and highly difficult. It takes great discernment along with much prayer to apply truth to an untidy situation.

However, God’s design of these special free radicals is cause for great joy. My cognitive dissonance has subsided. I can now be a free radical with a clear conscience.

Jesus is the greatest of all heroes. Bonhoeffer is right there behind him.

Also, there is merit in a man being nice, respectful, courteous and the like. But there is also a place for battle tested Christians. There is a time for combat duty Christians.

Look at how Nehemiah treated his adversaries.

There is an amazing verse in Judges 3:2; (he did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience)….

And amazing also is that the prophetess Deborah in Judges calls Jael the wife of Heber, “most blessed,” because she slays an evil man with her own hands – a spike through his temple of all things! See Judges chapter 5.

Surely that is not politically correct.

Long live free radicals!