The Crown Jewel of our Freedoms

This ran at the Visalia Times Delta on October 2nd, 2015.

Since the strong delusion called liberalism infects the American psyche so thoroughly few understand that the real origin of our freedoms is God Himself – not government that the liberal false narrative screams.

The crown jewel of all freedoms is religious freedom. All other freedoms emanate from this freedom. The Bolsheviks in Russia proved this. In the process of killing millions of Russian citizens these godless tyrants trashed Christianity in the 1920’s and then told the Russians where they would live, what each individual’s career would be, and how much they would be paid. This diabolical action removed personal freedoms and killed off personal initiative. The Persians in Iran foolishly gave up their right to bear arms and now the Mullahs rule the Persians with machine guns. Anything that attacks the freedom of religion is toxic to the American soul.

This strong delusion called  liberalism desires to equate Christianity with other religions like Islam but the law of non-contradiction clearly informs us that there is only one true God which is a truth that causes many to see red. If you wish to take me to task on this matter then let me ask you if you are willing to submit to Sharia law, lop your wife’s head off is she displeases you, mutilate you daughter’s genitals, and force all in your family under threat of banishment to yield to Islam? See? The truth really does matter after all – not liberal rhetoric.

It is the pure beauty of our amazing heritage that Protestants played the lions role in the founding of our great country. It is avant garde these days to attack everything Christian but the end result is a pyrrhic victory. Refuse to let the false liberal narrative deceive you regarding these matters.

[See Ravi Zacharias for an explanation on the Law of non-contradiction]


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