Visalia Leaders Promote Disease

This letter ran in the Visalia Times Delta on July 3rd, 2013.

In order to appease militant homosexuals the Visalia City Council proclaimed June as LGBT Pride month. The “G” in LGBT are men who sleep with other men which has been the genesis of 30 million people dead from AIDS. There are another 34 million people suffering from HIV/AIDS. The “B” in LGBT are primarily men who sleep with other men and then sleep with a woman thereby exposing her to all sorts of nasty diseases.

According to National Geographic’s, “Drugs-Inc” TV show, methamphetamine use by homosexual men in San Francisco is sky high.

God simply does not bless sexual relationships outside of one-man-one woman marriage. Unwanted pregnancies, abortions, single motherhood poverty, and STD infections through the roof should cause at least some pause. But much of America seems blinded to the obvious cause and effect so the homosexual malignant agenda keeps infecting most areas of our culture.

The mystery of the ages is that Jesus Christ can deliver anyone from any vice. But for me to even suggest this truth invites the labels of hatemonger and bigot.

God does not give me a free pass on any wayward sexual inclinations that might cross my mind. He simply says obedience brings blessing, there are consequences for sin and He gives me strength to do what is right if I seek it from Him..

But the homosexuals align with Aldous Huxley who said something to the effect of, “I don’t want to know if there is a God because I don’t want to give up my immorality.”

So the next time you see the mayor, who embraces the LGBT lifestyle, or a city council member please thank them for promoting drug use, disease, immorality and even death to those in the community of Visalia.

There is an old and sacred saying that says the unjust have no shame. It is a simple but profound thing that America has lost its ability to blush.


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