Modern Liberalism is a Strong Delusion

This article ran at the Visalia Times Delta Nov 3rd, 2014.

Germane to liberalism is abortion on demand which has snuffed out over 55 million American lives in the womb since 1973. The female sexual assault victims of Bill Clinton’s past are very well documented except in main stream media. Bill Clinton is still a liberal icon. Obama lied about Benghazi because it was a huge political liability. Obama lied about Obamacare to facilitate its passage. Obama has used to IRS to attack political opponents – a huge abuse of power. By opening the borders, Obama invites sex traffickers, drug runners and terrorists to practice their evil. With liberals at the helm, there are now more Americans receiving government benefits than there are people working full time. Liberalism is enamored with homosexuality which the practice of is the genesis of over 36 million people dead from AIDS.

None of the above is good for anyone. Any perceived victories that modern liberalism might bring to the table are Pyrrhic.

Why is it that the American people keep electing liberals into office?

Because once a person or a nation takes God out of the equation, any and every equation, then they open themselves up to deceptions, half-truths, lies and delusions. If liberalism is anything it is a jettison of God (remember the Democrat Party Convention) with the resulting replacement of man at the center of all things. Modern liberalism is a very strong delusion.

I am under no illusions that Republican or RINO politicians can perform much better. Nonetheless we can no longer afford the carnage that liberalism brings to its victims.

So, we must be very circumspect about what we do on Election Day because despite popular (liberal) opinion, God holds all men to account for their actions.


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