Taxpayers Should Fund Hedonism?

This letter ran at the Visalia Times-Delta on Jan 24th, 2013.

Taxpayers Should Fund Hedonism?

On January 15th, Dusti Romans claimed separation of church and state, he said that Hobby Lobby does not understand the morning after pill, and that Hobby Lobby is foolish to fight Obama’s fines for non-compliance. He concluded with this, ‘[T]he owners of Hobby Lobby are protected under the First Amendment and their religious freedom is protected.”

 ABC news says this case is about providing, “coverage for contraception and the morning after pill without requiring a co-pay.” Obama is forcing Hobby Lobby to violate their religious convictions so he is violating their First Amendment rights. Mr. Romans thinks its all about the morning after pill but its about contraception in general.

 Let’s say that Roman’s teen age daughter sleeps with Joe pot smoker and the condom breaks. Who’s responsibility is it to buy the morning after pill or get an abortion – which liberals always advocate? Why would you say taxpayer? Are you that greedy? Are you that cheap? The morning after pill is available from Planned Parenthood and many, many pharmacies for $10-$70. Pay for your own blasted immorality!

 Now you are screaming rape and incest. Fine. I can understand somewhat but that accounts for about 2% of unwanted pregnancies. So the other 98% is liberals wanting taxpayers to fund their hedonism… like Dave Letterman.

The Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….” The Constitution doesn’t say anything about “separation of church and state” which is a modern liberal construct to force God and Christians out of the culture.

Obama advocates abortion and he despises the First and Second Amendments. I am very disappointed that my fellow Americans elected such an anti-American character.

 Ron Hunnicutt

Visalia, CA


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