Cheaters and Baseball’s Hall of Fame

Cheaters and Baseball’s Hall of Fame

What areas of life are exempt from morality?

 Baseball Writers Association members are now voting on who should be inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame. However, there is a giant 800 pound gorilla in the room called steroids. The ballot is chocked full of stars who used performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) during their careers.

 If morality is given the boot as has occurred in so many sectors of American life, then Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa are easy recipients for baseball’s highest honor, the Hall of Fame.

One writer at ESPN says morality and ethics are of no account, “[S]o the baseball writers ought to get out of the way rather than acting like overzealous crossing guards empowered by their ballots…” and “[T]he writers’ work should always reflect history, not determine legacies; that’s the work of the players, the good and the bad.”

 Another writer asks this question, “[I]s the Hall of Fame meant to enshrine the best players to ever play the sport of baseball? Or is it really more of a museum, constructed to tell the history of the game?” 

 Yet another writer says that history trumps morality and to emphasize his point he employed all caps, “THE HALL OF FAME IS NOT CHURCH. IT IS THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL.” This writer reminds me of those who maintained that Bill Clinton’s judgment in governing was completely and unequivocally unaffected by his escapades with Monica Lewinski and others.

Many people including the young look up to professional sports figures. The selfish path for these athletes is to accept the elevated rewards that professional athletes are afforded and jettison the responsibility of being a role model for the young and old alike.

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