Taxpayers Should Fund Hedonism?

This letter ran at the Visalia Times-Delta on Jan 24th, 2013.

Taxpayers Should Fund Hedonism?

On January 15th, Dusti Romans claimed separation of church and state, he said that Hobby Lobby does not understand the morning after pill, and that Hobby Lobby is foolish to fight Obama’s fines for non-compliance. He concluded with this, ‘[T]he owners of Hobby Lobby are protected under the First Amendment and their religious freedom is protected.”

 ABC news says this case is about providing, “coverage for contraception and the morning after pill without requiring a co-pay.” Obama is forcing Hobby Lobby to violate their religious convictions so he is violating their First Amendment rights. Mr. Romans thinks its all about the morning after pill but its about contraception in general.

 Let’s say that Roman’s teen age daughter sleeps with Joe pot smoker and the condom breaks. Who’s responsibility is it to buy the morning after pill or get an abortion – which liberals always advocate? Why would you say taxpayer? Are you that greedy? Are you that cheap? The morning after pill is available from Planned Parenthood and many, many pharmacies for $10-$70. Pay for your own blasted immorality!

 Now you are screaming rape and incest. Fine. I can understand somewhat but that accounts for about 2% of unwanted pregnancies. So the other 98% is liberals wanting taxpayers to fund their hedonism… like Dave Letterman.

The Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….” The Constitution doesn’t say anything about “separation of church and state” which is a modern liberal construct to force God and Christians out of the culture.

Obama advocates abortion and he despises the First and Second Amendments. I am very disappointed that my fellow Americans elected such an anti-American character.

 Ron Hunnicutt

Visalia, CA


Giddy Off Loader

This letter ran at the Denver Post on 1/15/13;

Giddy Off Loader

 As decent a guy as Peyton Manning is, I am still glad to see that John Elway’s plans for a Super Bowl crashed and burned to a crisp. As a Christian, I was thrilled to see Tebow make some progress with the Broncos. I watched very close, along with millions of others. But Elway was as giddy as a weasel in a chicken coop when he offloaded Tebow. Very irritating. I am mad at the Broncos and Elway and I will try to stay that way for awhile.

Ron Hunnicutt, Visalia, Calif.

Cheaters and Baseball’s Hall of Fame

Cheaters and Baseball’s Hall of Fame

What areas of life are exempt from morality?

 Baseball Writers Association members are now voting on who should be inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame. However, there is a giant 800 pound gorilla in the room called steroids. The ballot is chocked full of stars who used performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) during their careers.

 If morality is given the boot as has occurred in so many sectors of American life, then Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa are easy recipients for baseball’s highest honor, the Hall of Fame.

One writer at ESPN says morality and ethics are of no account, “[S]o the baseball writers ought to get out of the way rather than acting like overzealous crossing guards empowered by their ballots…” and “[T]he writers’ work should always reflect history, not determine legacies; that’s the work of the players, the good and the bad.”

 Another writer asks this question, “[I]s the Hall of Fame meant to enshrine the best players to ever play the sport of baseball? Or is it really more of a museum, constructed to tell the history of the game?” 

 Yet another writer says that history trumps morality and to emphasize his point he employed all caps, “THE HALL OF FAME IS NOT CHURCH. IT IS THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL.” This writer reminds me of those who maintained that Bill Clinton’s judgment in governing was completely and unequivocally unaffected by his escapades with Monica Lewinski and others.

Many people including the young look up to professional sports figures. The selfish path for these athletes is to accept the elevated rewards that professional athletes are afforded and jettison the responsibility of being a role model for the young and old alike.

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A Desperate Rescue

A Desperate Rescue

It is very diabolical. She said that her very own husband sold her into prostitution. What kind of man sells his own wife to a pimp? Now she stands in a window in Amsterdam. Segregated by nationality, four hundred windows exhibit these women. Wicked, wayward, predatory and obdurate men purchase them for sex. The man who would become her husband was travelling through Singapore, her home. She was smitten. Her family was delighted. The day that every little girl dreams about finally occurred. Her knight had arrived.

But before the honeymoon even started the knockdown blow of betrayal kicked hard. They arrived in Amsterdam, her identification and passport was seized, and she was delivered to the pimp. Unable to speak Dutch, she was embarrassed to tell her family and afraid to go to the police. So evil set in – every night.

I would know nothing about “Annie” except that her unfortunate story is told by Naomi Zacharias of Wellspring International, a division of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Wellspring researches and supports ministries that help rescue women and children at risk out of these desperately wicked conditions.

Amsterdam flashes world class fun, lights, music, glamour and excitement. They don’t advertise in bright lights that the women, made in the image of God, are being used in the worst way. They do not flash in neon lights that some strains of gonorrhoea are resistant to antibiotics. Likewise they do not inform unsuspecting wives back home of infidelity to prevent further spread of disease.

Annie was eventually able to get a passport and return to Singapore. But once her family learned of her slip into the abyss they disowned her. They rejected her. What word do we use when evil strikes hard and then brutally strikes again?

She said that she returned to Amsterdam because that’s all she knows. Even if she found redemption in a church her identity in the congregation would be “ex-prostitute” so she shuns that option. If she returns home the white hot blast of “prostitute” scorches her. So she stands in the window with obsequious resignation but deep down she hates the men who take advantage of her.

The germane issue is this: good men can do something. Those of us who are struggling day in and day out to be numbered among good men can support Wellspring. Wellspring helps organizations that rescue these women out of these horrific situations. And like one good man said if we do for one what we wish we could do for many then we have done something great for both the one and our own soul.

Naomi Zacharias also spoke of another woman who wished to jettison prostitution and acquire the skills of a chef. With Wellspring’s benevolence she now delights the palates of patrons at a four star hotel. So the grand idea is to support Wellspring and then find out who you helped later in heaven. That works for me.

Anyone who listens and observes Ravi Zacharias will quickly conclude that he is a faithful ambassador for all things important to God. For those who seek the truth with a modicum of intellectual honesty Dr. Zacharias is an invaluable resource. Engage with due diligence and research. Prove to yourself that Wellspring is indeed one of the best nonprofits on the planet. And remember that most of us in America are rich beyond imagination compared to most in the world. We can give when we really want to.

RZIM covers administrative costs for Wellspring so that one hundred percent of your donations go directly to those in need. Click on the “women and children at risk” link above and give today.

Presume that when you support Wellspring you are rescuing your very own daughter or sister because in God’s economy that is precisely the case.