Trash Can Your Liberal Spouse???

August 7, 2010

Trash Can Your Liberal Spouse?

Ron Hunnicutt

I really enjoy reading AT articles but there is a consistent and thin stratum of thought in the comment sections that really provokes excavation. This pedestrian thinking is that one is justified in walking away from their spouse if the political loci are polar opposites.The typical situation is the angst created by a liberal partner married to a conservative partner.

Politics so consume the relationship that one spouse feels justified in taking the axe to the marriage due to the political discord.

This is priorities run amuck and the very pinnacle of selfishness. Anyone that puts politics above their marriage has turned wisdom on its head. It is called Holy Matrimony for many good reasons.

Some of you are objecting with loud protests saying that your spouse changed! Then the order of the day is to get over it and work through it. Anyone that can live a good portion of their life without changing is a certified zombie. Most of us are not raised correctly and we have to change to achieve a better life. Even those who come out of great homes still want to hone their skills, try new things, strive for perfection and mentor others. If we have already exchanged vows then our marriage is the safest and most nurturing environment to accomplish the change.

The time to reject someone for their politics is during the courtship, not after one says “I do.” If you are a conservative ox and you are considering marriage to a liberal gazelle then you better think long and hard about being yoked to that gazelle. Do yourself a huge favor and step away now.

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